Survey Engineers


Our survey engineers have many years’ experience on drilling installations on the North Sea, we know your time is valuable, and safety   is   our   main   priority.   Our professional MWD tool containers protect the valuable equipment from damage and provides a good workstation for the engineer to work on his tools. All equipment is sent out in two fold, reducing down time in unforeseen situations.


Our computer systems for decoding are always rigged up with a backup system ready to go. Although seldom necessary, it reduces downtime in unanticipated situations. eds – Drilling Solutions has a unique secondary decoding platform that gives the operator the best possible tools to decode your valuable data.  The system has been extensively tested on the North Sea with very good results. This way of innovating shows our commitment to continuously improve. This additional layer of quality control reduces time to evaluate and calculate the next step in the directional trajectory, e.g. slide or possible downlink.


In order to interpret the generated LWD data, plots are generated. In consultation with the client, reporting times and formats are agreed before the project starts, PDF and LAS files are most commonly used for this purpose. However, WITS (Wellsite Information Transfer System) and other formats are possible. Predominantly WinLog™ from HrH Geology is utilized, the industry’s premier log drawing solution. Although the final log interpretation is the sole responsibility of the client, on site the engineers are willing to monitor and react on markers as instructed and agreed by the client.

eds - Drilling Solutions MWD/LWD tool container.


We are proud of our 8ft MWD/LWD tool containers, providing a secure and protected enviroment to work on the tools. Protection during transport and storage. 

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