Well Planning


eds – Drilling Solutions works with Landmark Compass™ Software for well planning. Operated by a senior well planner with many years’ experience in planning wells on the North Sea and continental Europe.  Our extensive drilling database we have built trough out the years support our directional drillers and gives added value to your operations.

Landmark Compass™ Software is the industry’s premier application for directional well path planning, survey data management and anti‐collision analysis which enabling cost effective, safe and efficient operations. Hydraulics and Torque & Drag are added modules necessary for optimum well planning and execution.


Directional Drilling


Our directional drillers have many years of experience drilling challenging wells on the North Sea and continental Europe. Having to “chase” the BHA in the softer North Sea formations to build angle or perform open hole side tracks, they keep their cool and execute the well plan. Perfect vertical well placement, horizontal step outs, simple J or S shaped well trajectories are all within our capabilities. More complicated “Pregnant lady” well designs to tap into a salt dome reservoir or avoiding faults are all scenarios that most of the directional drillers encountered multiple times.  All directional drillers carry a laptop loaded with our Wellrep™ drilling database and Landmark Compass™ software to record and plot progress, monitor anti-collision, torque and drag or perform Hydraulic calculations. Although our directional drillers have extensive experience with Rotary Steerable Systems (RSS), the bulk of their knowledge has been acquired by drilling with Positive Displacement Motors. Due to this they understand the local geology and behavior of the BHA in different formations. While monitoring rotary steerable systems are within the work scope of our directional drillers, true feeling is obtained by conventional directional drilling with PDM’s. Moving salts, swelling clays and other formation or BHA related issues could be obscured by drilling with rotary steerable systems, the feeling obtained by the more hands on approach with PDM’s is a valuable asset.

Survey Engineers


Our survey engineers have many years’ experience on drilling installations on the North Sea, we know your time is valuable, and safety   is   our   main   priority.   Our professional MWD tool containers protect the valuable equipment from damage and provides a good workstation for the engineer to work on his tools. All equipment is sent out in two fold, reducing down time in unforeseen situations.


Our computer systems for decoding are always rigged up with a backup system ready to go. Although seldom necessary, it reduces downtime in unanticipated situations. eds – Drilling Solutions has a unique secondary decoding platform that gives the operator the best possible tools to decode your valuable data.  The system has been extensively tested on the North Sea with very good results. This way of innovating shows our commitment to continuously improve. This additional layer of quality control reduces time to evaluate and calculate the next step in the directional trajectory, e.g. slide or possible downlink.


In order to interpret the generated LWD data, plots are generated. In consultation with the client, reporting times and formats are agreed before the project starts, PDF and LAS files are most commonly used for this purpose. However, WITS (Wellsite Information Transfer System) and other formats are possible. Predominantly WinLog™ from HrH Geology is utilized, the industry’s premier log drawing solution. Although the final log interpretation is the sole responsibility of the client, on site the engineers are willing to monitor and react on markers as instructed and agreed by the client.


Vibration Management


When downhole condition deteriorate due to high vibration our experienced survey engineers are more than willing to support the drilling crew to mitigate vibration. The MWD downhole transmitted data clearly informs the drilling crew when drilling conditions are harmful, displaying it on the drill floor display as an easy to understand traffic light system.


Controlling and monitoring harmful vibrations reduces the overall maintenance cost on downhole tools as well as the drill string and surface equipment. We see vibration management as a team effort, as it is clearly beneficiary for all parties involved. With eds – Drilling Solutions the directional drillers and survey engineers work closely together with your drilling crew monitoring and mitigating vibration where possible.


 Reducing cost


With current market conditions, as experienced in the oil and gas industry today, and the high financial risk in the geothermal industry we can think in solutions to reduce risk, cost and provide tailored solutions for your drilling project. We have several types of surveying tools and are not bound to one system. Depending on your application eds ‐ Drilling solutions offers a wide range of surveying tools. Our instruments for conducting directional surveys can be set up in several different variations, depending on the intended use. They can either be run in a memory mode or a real time mode.

Our fleet of survey instruments:

‐     Electronic Multi‐Shot (EMS)

‐     Gyroscopic surveys

‐     Mud pulse MWD/LWD

‐     ElectroMagnetic MWD/LWD

The electronic multi‐shot provides a cost effective alternative for wellbore surveying. Prior to pulling out of hole, the tool is dropped into the drill string and lands in a nonmagnetic drill collar. Coming out of hole, the electronic multi‐ shot will take and store an accurate survey of the well trajectory.

This offers the opportunity to make timely corrections to the well path before running casing. A big advantage of the electronic multi‐shot compared to most MWD systems is that it can operate in environments where temperatures reach 200 °C. MWD systems are usually limited to 150 °C.

The gyro service offers an independent check of previously taken surveys for most accurate bottom hole well placement. It can also be deployed when the accuracy of a magnetic survey system may be corrupted by external influences, such as cased holes, production tubing, geographic location, or nearby existing wells.

The MWD is the tool of choice for real time data acquisition during drilling operations. The system provides wellbore position, directional data and formation properties. With such precise wells being drilled these days, MWD aids drilling engineers in important decisions. eds – Drilling Solutions offers mud pulse and EM systems depending on your needs and drilling conditions

Every tool kit deployed to location comes equipped with two sets of downhole tools and two sets of surface equipment to ensure operational readiness in the event of an unforeseen (downhole) situation. You can drill safely and confidently knowing there is no rig downtime waiting on tools.

Our main MWD System with natural gamma detection has been built by APS Technologies, and has been utilized on the North Sea for years. The system proved itself in hundreds of North Sea utilized BHA’s, either as standalone MWD system or in conjunction with rotary steerable systems.



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