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Mission statement:

Everything we do revolves around your needs. It is a simple yet powerful philosophy that guides us in every aspect of our on-demand business. We are an independent service provider within the Oil & Gas industry covering sales, rental and service operations.

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Mission statement:

To improve oil-drilling telemetry around the world through the use of cutting-edge technology


Our experience:

A great team, giving us support 24/7, very knowledgeable, willing to walk the extra mile.

A joy to work with a highly professional team like Axel and we highly recommend Axel to anyone involved with MWD/LWD systems and their decoding platforms. 

The Axel decoding platform continued to decode where other systems failed, the manual decoding option saved our project multiple times. Their hardware enables mixing and matching hardware components, reducing cost, and enhancing performance.

Keep up this great performance!

Mission statement:

To redesign established oilfield technology and enhance global directional drilling practices 

We are a service company that will meet market and client design requirements

• Will provide an efficient, reliable service whilst observing the highest safety and environmental standards

• In accordance with global statutory and regulatory requirements

• And strive to continuously improve existing drilling technology leading advances in industry “best practices”.